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Fra venstre: Thomas Økland, Traberg Bennetzen and Arne Myskja.
Fra venstre: Thomas Økland, Traberg Bennetzen and Arne Myskja.

HMSREG to Copenhagen Municipality


There is an increasing focus in Scandinavia of establishing a more trustworthy construction sector. Copenhagen Municipality are taking their responsibility seriously and are now taking HMSREG in use to ensure control on the construction sites.

- Copenhagen Municipality has since the beginning of 2018 undertaken the task of focused work to combat social dumping. We have had a risk-based approach where we visit the construction sites, talk with the employees and perform document control if we suspect there is a risk of social dumping. We have up until now, not had a tool for overview of projects and suppliers, this is what we now get with HMSREG." explains Christian Traberg Bennetzen, consultant for the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) department in Copenhagen Municipality.

Omega AS has developed the cloud-based system which allows for easy overview of contractors and suppliers on specific deliveries, and gathers information about who is registered in and out of the construction sites. The pilot project in Copenhagen is run by the CSR department in the Municipality, and started in the beginning of 2019. By utilizing the information system HMSREG, Copehagen Municipality can have control over who is working on the different construction projects and whether they are trustworthy suppliers in the sector.

"We see a new trend in Scandinavia where there is a focus on building a more trustworthy construction sector and cooperate to avoid social dumping and work-related crime," says responsible for HMSREG, Arne Myskja.

The HMSREG system which is in use by Oslo Municipality and contractors such as Skanska, Veidekke, and AF Gruppen among others, is now being translated to Danish and registered to central business register (CVR) and the register for foreign service providers (RUT) in Denmark to extract relevant information about suppliers.

"We are in the start-up phase and are now looking for partners and contractors that can join us on this project. The project will run for two years in Copenhagen before we deliver our recommendation for further use in 2020," says Christian Traberg Bennetzen.